Cycling the north coast 500?

Those who cycle the North Coast 500 route are light travellers. You’d have to be if you’re covering this route self-powered on two wheels and have to carry your own luggage. Cycling this journey does not require the most extensive experience for those that enjoy cycle tourer, you will, however, need to bear a few things in mind.

How long does it take to cycle the North Coast 500?

This 500-mile loop around the North Highland coast is perfect cycling country. Unless, like adventurer, broadcaster and Cycling UK member Mark Beaumont, you do it in 38 hours.

Can you cycle the NC500?

The North Coast 500 is a challenge of terrain and variable weather and the leisurely pace gives you time to stop and enjoy the landscape and experience this unique environment and it’s communities. Hire a bike with Ticket to Ride in Inverness at the start of your trip.

How do I plan an NC500 trip?

Tips for Planning a Trip along the North Coast 500

  1. Plan Ahead. The North Coast 500 is becoming more popular each year and it is wise to plan ahead to make the most of your trip.
  2. Figure Out What You Want to See.
  3. Choose your Lodging in Advance.
  4. Pack Well for your Trip.
  5. Be a Safe Driver.
  6. Be a Responsible Traveler.

Where should I stay on the north coast 500?

North Coast 500 Hotels: Inverness

  • Kingsmills Hotel.
  • Rocpool Reserve Hotel.
  • Bunchrew House Hotel.
  • Apartments, Private Rooms, & Self-Catering Cottages along the North Coast 500.
  • Boath House Hotel.
  • Tulloch Castle Hotel.
  • Kincraig Castle Hotel.
  • Mansfield Castle Hotel.

Where does the North Coast 500 start and finish?

The North Coast 500 is a 516-mile (830 km) scenic route around the north coast of Scotland, starting and ending at Inverness Castle.

Is the North Coast 500 signposted?

Is the North Coast 500 Signposted? Weirdly, no! I recently found out that in order to get brown tourist signs in Scotland you have to have a five-star rating. No one comes back from the NC500 saying they had a bad time!

How long does it take to cycle around Scotland?

Most will take a week to ride it, although Scottish adventurer Mark Beaumont holds a record for the route of just 38 hours. The circular route can be completed clockwise or anti-clockwise and meanders through the counties of Caithness, Sutherland and Ross-shire.

Where does Scotland’s Route 66 start?

The circular route begins at Inverness Castle and leads you through five counties: Easter Ross, Sutherland, Caithness, Wester Ross and Inverness-shire.

Is the North Coast 500 suitable for caravans?

Not on the North West part of the NC500. Single track roads with passing places won’t suit the caravan. No, there are warning signs on many of the single track roads on the north west coast that say: Unsuitable for HGV’s or Caravans. So please do not ignore these signs they are there for a reason.

Why is it called the North Coast 500?

However, the ‘North Coast 500‘ is the new name given to a specific circular itinerary created by the non-profit North Highland Initiative in 2014 to foster wider awareness of this remote, rural part of Scotland as a tourist destination, boost and diversify the local economy, and to make it a little easier for people to

Can you wild camp on the NC500?

Why Wild Camp North Coast 500? Because you can! Whether in a tent or a camper van, there’s simply no more authentic way to experience the highlands than to wild camp north coast 500. Scotland’s access legislation (the Land Reform act 2003), permits wild camping on most unenclosed land.

Can you walk the North Coast 500?

Is the route suitable for walkers? Yes! Many people have now tried walking the North Coast 500. Why don’t you head to World Walking where you can sign up for support to do the route by foot…

Where does the NC500 start?

The NC500 starts in the northern city of Inverness, weaves along the west coast to Applecross and then northwards towards the towns of Torridon and Ullapool.

What is the Scottish Route 66?

The North Coast 500 is Scotland’s answer to route 66 and one of the most beautiful coastal touring routes in the world (well, we think so, anyway!). Bringing together just over 500 miles of stunning coastal scenery, the route follows the main roads along the coastal edges of the North Highlands.

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