FAQ: Monsal trail cycling?

The Monsal Trail is a stunning traffic-free cycle route right in the heart of the Peak District National Park. This 8.95-mile route is great for families as there are lots of interesting things to see along the way. Enjoy spotting wildlife and the remainders from the area’s railway heritage. This route is on the National Cycle Network.

How long does it take to cycle the Monsal Trail?

How long is the Monsal Trail and how long does it take to ride it? The trail is nearly 8 miles to the end from the hire centre. How long it takes is up to you. If you travel at a brisk pace to the end and back with limited stops to enjoy the view you can do it in under two hours.

Can you cycle the Monsal Trail?

The Monsal Trail is a traffic free route for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and wheelchair users through some of the Peak District’s most spectacular limestone dales. The trail runs along the former Midland Railway line for 8.5 miles between Blackwell Mill, in Chee Dale and Coombs Road, at Bakewell.

Is the Monsal trail a loop?

Monsal, Dale and Bakewell Circular Route is a 12.3 mile loop trail located near Bakewell, Derbyshire, England that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips.

Where does the Monsal Trail start and finish?

The Monsal Trail is in the centre of the Peak District National Park, starting just north of Bakewell, 10 miles north of Matlock and 8 miles west of Chesterfield in Derbyshire. There are many entrance points to the Monsal Trail along the route between Bakewell and Blackwell Mill at Chee Dale – see our map.

Is the Monsal Trail flat?

Cycling the Monsal Trail

The route is flat, though if you’re heading from Bakewell you’ll be cycling up a very slight incline, so just bear in mind that it will be quicker when you cycle back.

Is Monsal Trail open?

Monsal Trail – March 2021

A section of the Monsal Trail will be closed for maintenance work, on weekdays only for two weeks, from 8 March, 2021. Remaining parts of the Trail will still be available for use. The trail will be closed to all users in the following area: The full length of Cressbrook Tunnel.

How many tunnels are in the Monsal Trail?

The trail has numerous landmarks including Headstone Viaduct, Cressbrook Mill, Litton Mill and Hassop railway station, and passes through six tunnels.

Is the Monsal trail suitable for prams?

The monsal trail is a flat, pushchair and cycling friendly walk in the Peak District. It is traffic free and runs along an old Midland Railway line for 8.5 miles connecting Bakewell to Blackwell Mill.

Where is Monsal Dale?

Monsal Dale is a valley in Derbyshire, England, in the White Peak limestone area of the Peak District National Park. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) (1) and part of a Europe-wide network called Natura 2000.

How far is Monsal Head from Bakewell?

Monsal Head Circular Walk To Bakewell

DISTANCE 11.532 miles
HILLS View Profile 1387 ft (47%) 1381 ft (40%)
CALORIES Configure 980 kcal

How far is hassop from Monsal Head?

The 6.5 mile (10 km) trail takes about three hours as a circular walk from Ashford. It’s quite easy and the walk up to Monsal Head is straight forward. The views across the Wye Valley are worth the detour! The walk back across the viaduct has even better views of the valley.

How long is the Tissington Trail?

The Tissington Trail runs for 13 miles from Parsley Hay (53.1706°N 1.7828°W) in the north to Ashbourne (53.0196°N 1.7397°W) in the south.

How do I get to Monsal Trail?


  1. Access the trail at the rear of Hassop Station, turning right to pass in front of the building and under the road bridge.
  2. Continue past Longstone Station, Headstone Tunnel, the Monsal Viaduct, and then two shorter tunnels before reaching Miller’s Dale Station and viaduct.

Where do you walk in Bakewell?

Walks In Bakewell

  • Monsal Trail Walk.
  • Monsal Trail – Southern End.
  • Monsal Trail – Northern Bakewell.
  • Monsal Trail – Bakewell & Ashford in the Water.
  • The Riverside Path.
  • Bakewell Beeley and Chatsworth Peak District walks.
  • Bakewell via Ashford – Peak District Walks.
  • Bakewell Circular Walk – Woods and Parklands.

How long is the High Peak Trail?

The High Peak Trail runs for 17 miles from Dowlow (53.2059°N 1.8349°W) near Buxton to High Peak Junction at Cromford (53.1004°N 1.5354°W).

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