Question: Boiler keeps cycling on and off?

The pressuretrol (which controls when a boiler turns on and off based on steam pressure) will short cycle due to this increasing pressure. The boiler pressure is too high. When this happens, air that’s trapped and compressed by water and steam can cause the boiler to short cycle.Mar 8, 2019

Why does my boiler keep turning off and on?

If the boiler keeps shutting off, it could be due to closed valves, air caught in the system or a broken pump. If there is enough air in the system to cause your boiler to switch itself off, it should be obvious when you start bleeding your radiators, as plenty of air will gush out of them.

How do I stop my boiler short cycling?

Adding thermal mass to the heating system will decrease the burner short cycling and this can be done by adding water volume to the system. A relatively easy way to add thermal mass is adding a “Buffer Tank”. A “Buffer Tank” is simply a tank of water. For buffer tanks, one size does not fit all applications.

Why is my boiler short cycling?

Sometimes short cycling occurs simply due to a buildup of gunk and sludge in the pressuretrol or the pigtail that links it to the boiler. The boiler is too big. You don’t want your boiler’s ability to produce steam to outdo the system’s ability to condense steam. When the boiler is oversized, this can become a problem.

How often should boiler cycle on and off?

As a general rule, the combination of boiler run time and off time should never be any less than 10 minutes.

Why does my boiler fire up every few minutes?

If the boiler fires up every few minutes it is using gas but not heating your home. This wastes fuel which will increase your heating bills and carbon emissions and could lead to a damaged heat exchanger.

Why does my boiler keep firing up when heating is off?


You might hear your boiler fire up from time to time, even when the heating is off and you’re not drawing any hot water. This is completely normal, and is there to ensure you have hot water when you turn it on.

Is it bad to turn your boiler off?

Some boiler systems may be more temperamental than others, so switching it off for a longer time than usual could trigger an issue with your central heating. Having your boiler switched off for a prolonged period of time could also cause elements such as your valves and pump to seize up.

How do I stop short cycling?

How to Stop and Prevent Short Cycling

  1. Check your air filter. Believe it or not, a clogged air filter can cause a wide variety of air conditioning issues.
  2. Check your thermostat placement.
  3. Check your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels.
  4. Replace the low pressure control switch.
  5. Check the compressor.

Can a bad thermostat cause short cycling?

A broken or poorly placed thermostat can cause short cycling. Your thermostat should not be placed directly over a heat register, as this can cause the furnace to cycle very rapidly as the thermostat quickly heats up. Nor should it be placed near a drafty window or door, as it will cool down too fast.

What is a short cycling furnace?

Short cycling is when the furnace turns on for a short period of time but then turns off. This start-and-stop cycle can keep your home from properly warming up and may also damage your furnace itself.

Why is my furnace coming on every 5 minutes?

Why a Clogged Furnace Air Filter Can Cause Your Furnace to Turn On and Off Repeatedly. So, in essence, the most common causation for when a furnace keeps turning on and off, is a clogged air filter. Turn the furnace off, replace the air filter (with something quality), and turn it on again.

What is the best temp to set my boiler?

Modern boilers will have a digital dial where you can set the output temperature. For combi boilers it is recommended to set the output temperature for the radiators at 75 degrees and the water temperature at 60 degrees.

How do I know if my furnace is short cycling?

Here are the top signs that your furnace may be short cycling.

  1. Thermostat Is Malfunctioning. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it will give incorrect readings to your furnace.
  2. The Area Around the Furnace Is Hot.
  3. Short Bursts of Heat.
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