Question: Cycling the west highland way?

Let’s not beat about the bush, the West Highland way is a big ol’ challenge. Its 95-odd miles are usually treated as a walk over several days, but they work marvellously well as a magnificent bike ride (you can take a bike on all the trails, after all).

How long does it take to cycle the West Highland Way?

Most people take between five and eight days to walk the route, although it is possible to do it in only a few days. There are even some super-humans who run the way in less than 24 hours!

Is the West Highland Way difficult?

There are two reasons why this trip is more difficult and they are both around 20 miles long! The first part is arguably the most difficult stretch of the West Highland Way from Rowardennan to Crianlarich. The second section that makes this tough is the long 20-mile day from Bridge of Orchy to Kinlochleven.

Is the West Highland Way hilly?

The West Highland Way stretches 96 miles (154 Km) from Milngavie to Fort William, taking in a huge variety of scenery along the way, from countryside parks to loch-shores and open moorlands to steep mountains.

Can you do the West Highland Way in 3 days?

In conclusion; the West Highland Way is definitely manageable in three days but it’s hard going. Next time I would do in three days again but my overnight stops would be Inversnaid Bunkhouse, Inveroran Hotel and then Fort William. Or you could be sensible and do it in 5 days!

How fit do you need to be to walk the West Highland Way?

Re: Ways to train for the West Highland Way(Or other long hi

You should be able to get your base weight down below 10kg comfortably. You don’t have to be as fit carrying 10kg as you do carrying 20kg.

Can you wild camp on the West Highland Way?

There are many campsites on the West Highland Way, and several of hotels and pubs also allow camping, such as the remote Kings House Hotel. You can find a list of campsites on the official West Highland Way website. You can wild camp on most of the route as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoors Access Code.

What is the hardest part of the West Highland Way?

When looking at the map many people think the side of Loch Lomond will be a gentle walk along the shore, however it is the most difficult section of the walk. From Rowardennan to Inverarnan the path is very rough and slow going underfoot.

How long would a 20 mile walk take?

Here are some figures for different walking paces:

Miles Relaxed Pace Normal Pace
20 miles 6 hrs, 40 mins 5 hrs
21 miles 7 hrs 5 hrs, 15 mins
22 miles 7 hrs, 20 mins 5 hrs, 30 mins
23 miles 7 hrs, 40 mins 5 hrs, 45 mins

How much should you walk in a day?

walking. To stay well, walk for 30 to 45 minutes nearly every day. Do it all at once or in chunks as short as five to 10 minutes. Aim for a brisk pace of three to four miles an hour, but remember that you‘ll get plenty of benefit from strolling at a slower pace as long as you stick with it.

Can you run the West Highland Way?

As well as being a popular hiking trail, the 95-mile (152 km) West Highland Way hosts two established ultramarathons: the West Highland Way Race and the Highland Fling. That’s because it offers a well-marked trail and a fast running surface. This route can be run in the opposite direction upon request.

Does the West Highland Way go through Glencoe?

From the rolling East Dunbartonshire countryside and the waterside paths of Loch Lomond, to the remote, wide open spaces of Rannoch Moor and the stunning mountain range of Glencoe; the variety of landscapes along the way makes this one of Scotland’s premier walking routes.

Can you take your dog on the West Highland Way?

Yes, you can take your dog with you on the West Highland Way provided that it is kept under proper control and that you adhere to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Read the Outdoor Code for dog walking here.

What is the fastest time for the West Highland Way?

The race record holder is Rob Sinclair with a time of 13 h 41 m 8 s, set in June 2017. The female record holder is Lucy Colquhoun of Aviemore with a time of 17 h 16 m 20 s, set in 2007. The West Highland Way Race is part of the Scottish Ultramarathon Series.

Can you do the West Highland Way in 5 days?

West Highland Way5 days Route

The longest day of the 5day route is 22.5 miles with the shortest being the last (15 miles). Refreshment stops and a variety of types of accommodation can be found in most areas. There is no strict way of planning your West Highland Way hike but all routes begin in Milngavie.

Can you walk the West Highland Way in 4 days?

What always makes it tricky to do it over 4 days (with accommodation) is the fact that the only thing between Kingshouse and Fort William is Kinlochleven. The WHW is generally pretty easy going, but the only stretch I would always advise people not to underestimate is between Balmaha and Inverarnan.

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