Question: Wye valley cycling?

Can you cycle on the Wye Valley Walk?

If you are thinking of cycling the Wye Valley we can give you the perfect place to stay. The Peregrine Path is just one of the lovely Wye Valley routes open to you. This path runs from Monmouth to Goodrich.

Can you cycle on the Severn Way?

The Severn and Thames Way follows along the majestic River Severn, the River Avon and along the Kennet & Avon Canal before reaching the River Thames in Reading. As such, families and leisure cyclists will love this route – you will only climb 1500 meters (4921 feet) in total.

Is the Forest of Dean cycle trail open?

Cannop Cycle Centre is open for local exercise. We welcome local, responsible mountain bikers at our waymarked cycle trails and on hard stone forest roads, this is not a time for challenging yourself.

Facilities and access.

Car park Open
Repair centre Open 10am – 3pm weekends only
Uplift service Closed

How long is the Forest of Dean family cycle trail?

The Family Cycle Trail is a circular 9 mile route around the Forest of Dean, well signposted and easy to follow, ideal for all ages and a great way to explore the Forest of Dean on two wheels.

Can you cycle over the old Severn Bridge?

Yup, over the old bridge & IIRC, the cycle path goes right across the top of the toll booths & the strip of footway after must be about the only place in the country where you can legally walk that close to a motorway!

Can you walk the River Severn?

This is comfortable walking, along the lower reaches of the River Severn and its estuary. There are no steep inclines and much of the route is on top of the river bank, with wonderful wide open views over the river to the Forest of Dean and up the Severn Vale towards the Cotswold Hills.

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