Quick Answer: Mira sprint 8.5 kw electric shower?

What is the best 8.5 kW electric shower?

The best electric showers to buy

  1. Triton Seville 7.5kW to 10.5kW: The best budget electric shower.
  2. Triton T80z Fast-Fit: The most versatile budget option.
  3. Bristan Bliss 3: The best value shower for style and digital controls.
  4. Aqualisa Quartz 8.5kW to 10.5kW: The best stylish shower for less.

Is a 8.5 kW shower powerful enough?

7.5kW and 8.5kW shower rates require less power so the gentler flow of water will mean your shower is unlikely to ever run cold. What’s more, they’re usually cheaper models to purchase and run. If you’re okay with a gentler flow of water as the temperature rises, you can stick with this model.

Can I replace a 7.5 kW shower with a 8.5 kW?

4 Answers from MyBuilder Bathroom Fitters

A 7.5kw shower can be supplied using a 4mm cable, but for 8.5kw, you will need at least 6mm cable. Changing the fuse/circuit breaker would allow the shower to work but the cable could overheat and presents a fire risk.

Which is the best Mira electric shower?

The Mira Sport Max 10.8kw is the perfect middle ground between the Triton Seville and the Bristan Bliss. It’s not digital, but it offers a slightly more modern design when directly compared to the Seville. And, it’s got the biggest kW output of all the showers on this list; it’s powerful.

Is 6mm cable OK for 9.5 kW shower?

9.5kW is either 39A or 41A depending on the voltage it is rated at. 6mm cable is 47A when installed in the most favourable conditions. So 6mm could be used, depending on how it is installed. However it would be usual to use 10mm which would allow the fitting of a higher rated shower either now or in the future.

What size breaker do I need for a 8.5 kW shower?

An 8.5kW shower draws a current of 35.5A. So, you need an MCB higher than this value. Next size up is 40A.

Can I use 6mm cable for a 8.5 kW shower?

6mm cable, depending on the run, is likely to be fine for an 8.5kW shower. Rcd protection is helpful, but bonding and cross bonding are far more important. And a 30a breaker, fuse wire wouldn’t pop for overload either as it’s unlikely to be overloading long enough.

What size fuse do I need for a 9.5 kW shower?

A 9.5kW shower should be installed with 10mm2 cable with a fuse rating of 40-45A, NOT 6mm2! It should also be RCD or RCBO protected. A >9kW shower supplied by 6mm2 cable on a 32A MCB (normally used for 5mm (2×2.

Can I replace a 9kW shower with a 9.5 kW?

you don’t have to change the wiring, what you have will do fine. just check that the mcb is big enough, some electric showers call for 45 amp – though if you are going down from a 9.5 to a 9kw it should be fine.

What size breaker do I need for a 10.5 kW shower?

10.5kw shower is around 47amps @ 220volts so you might ok, but it would need a 50amp fuse. But distance is 10mtrs, can’t work out volts drop, etc, you must be getting close to a 16mm T&E 70amps cable.

How do I know what kW my electric shower is?

However, usually on Tritons, there is a sticker attached to the casing just next to the outlet pipe to the shower head. It will say 8.5kw or whatever it is on this sticker. If you fit the wrong size you will trip out the power supply MCB to the shower or possibly damage the cables if the protection is not correct.

How much electricity does an electric shower use?

How to find out what Watt is what

Appliance Type Typical Rating
Electric shower 7000-10,500W
Dishwasher 1050-1500W
Washing machine 1200-3000W
Tumble dryer 2000-3000W

Is a 9.5 kW shower powerful?

Electric showers, 8.5kW, 9.5kW or 10.5kW will all run completely independent of the water system you have in place. By looking for electric showers – 8.5kW or higher power ratings, you can be guaranteed of a hot shower, no matter whether you have any hot water in your tank.

What is the best wattage for an electric shower?

Generally, the higher the wattage, the better the shower, but of course the more the cost. The most common shower is either a 8.5kw for basic installations, or a 9.5kw for a reasonable shower. 10.8kw showers are better but you may have problems with power supply.

Do I need a plumber or electrician to install an electric shower?

If you’re having a new electric shower installed, you will need to hire a Part P certified plumber who can safely complete the shower installation ensuring all wiring is in the correct places. Replacing an electric shower still requires plumbing and electrical experience, as your new shower may have higher wattage.

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