Quick Answer: Robert millar cycling?

What happened to Millar cyclists?

British former Tour de France cyclist Robert Millar has completed a transition to become a woman. The 58-year-old has decided to go public with the gender change because she says there is “a much better acceptance and understanding”.

Who was Pippa York?

Philippa York (born Robert Millar on 13 September 1958) is a Scottish journalist and former professional road racing cyclist. York, who competed when known as Robert Millar, is one of Britain’s most successful cyclists.

When did Millar retire?

Millar was not selected to make the 2014 Tour de France team, a decision that left him ‘devastated and shocked’. Millar retired from professional cycling after the 2014 season with his last competitive start being at the Bec CC Hill Climb in October.

What drugs did David Millar?

David Millar has revealed that he received injections of controversial drug Kenacort (triamcinolone) during his professional riding career due to a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) certificate for what he describes as a ‘fake tendon issue’.

Who is commentating on ITV4 Tour de France?

Presenter Gary Imlach is joined on ITV4 by commentators Ned Boulting and David Millar, reporters Daniel Friebe and Matt Rendell along with former Team Sky rider Peter Kennaugh and road racing legend Chis Boardman for expert analysis during the 21-stage race.

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