Readers ask: Cycling the hebridean way?

The Hebridean Way Cycling Route is a 185-mile (297km) route, crossing 10 islands in the archipelago. The route was completed by the cyclist Mark Beaumont in just 24 hours! Watch the video to see his incredible feat, but we reckon it’s better to take your time and soak up the wonder of this part of the world.

How long does it take to cycle the Hebridean way?

The Hebridean Way is a cycling route of 185 miles (297km) in the Outer Hebrides. The waymarked on-road route crosses 10 islands and six causeways and includes two ferries. It takes between two and six days to complete the route, or more if you want to detour to various attractions.

What is the Hebridean way?

The Hebridean Way, is a 184-mile on-road route through the remote and spectacular islands of the Outer Hebrides. Using ferries and causeways to hop between islands, this popular route begins on the Island of Vatersay and ends on the northernmost point at the Butt of Lewis.

Can you wild camp in the Outer Hebrides?

Wild camping in Scotland is totally accepted, but there are rules. If you‘re planning on camping in the Outer Hebrides, make sure to follow them to keep it free for all. This is your chance to go to sleep somewhere beautiful and wake up with the sunset looking stunning.

How long does it take to cycle around Barra?

There’s only really one road on Barra, and it’s a big circle. We hired bikes from a cycle hire shop in Castle Bay. We then cycled leisurely round the island, taking in a look at the beach runway at the airport.

Cycle Route Details
Route Name Barra Tour
Distance: miles (km) 18.3 (29.45)
Duration(hh:mm) 02:00

Are the Outer Hebrides open?

The majority of Scotland is now under a temporary lockdown including the whole of the Outer Hebrides, though some island communities are under level 3 restrictions. Anyone living under lockdown, Level 3 or 4 restrictions must not travel outside their local area, except for essential purposes.

How long is Hebrides outer?

Stretching 130 miles (210 km) from Lewis in the north to the island of Barra Head in the south, the Outer Hebrides lie in a crescent about 40 miles (65 km) from the Scottish mainland—as their name suggests, farther away from the Scottish mainland than are the islands of the Inner Hebrides.

Can you get a ferry from Skye to Harris?

Get the ferry to Harris direct from Skye, and once you‘re there head out on a boat trip for basking sharks, minke and killer whales, or stick to the shore to go otter spotting. You can see St Kilda from the west coast, and you can book a day trip to go see the wildest isle in the Outer Hebrides.

How long is the ferry from Skye to Harris?

Include the Isle of Skye in your trip and journey direct to Tarbert, Harris from the port of Uig in the north of Skye. From Uig the sailing is typically 1hour 40mins. Alternatively, travel from Berneray (connected to North Uist) to Leverburgh (Harris). The sailing time between Berneray – Leverburgh is 1 hour.

How long does it take to drive around Lewis and Harris?

You can drive round south Harris’s circular road in around three hours, but it’s sure to take you longer, as you won’t resist frequent stops to take in the stunning land and seascapes.

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