Readers ask: Timex ironman strap?

Can you replace Timex Ironman watch band?

If the watch band breaks, gets worn in appearance or you would simply like a new look, it is possible to take off the old band and replace it with a new one yourself. Watchbands and bar-removal tools can be bought online or at a jewelry or discount store.

How long do Timex Ironman watches last?

Mine have lasted at least five years. Usually the display will dim when you push the Indigo light when the batteries are dying. Batteries usually last me a couple of years.

Which Timex Ironman is the best?

  • Timex Ironman Sleek 50-Lap Full-size. If you want a little more memory (50 laps) or just a slightly more refined looking watch, this Ironman is a good choice.
  • Timex Men’s Ironman Classic 100.
  • Timex Full-Size Ironman Shock 30.
  • Timex Full-Size Ironman Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor.

What is the most common watch band size?

As with jewelry, watch bands are manufactured to standard lengths. For women, the standard is between 6 3/4 inches and 8 inches, depending on the style and manufacturer. For men, the standard watch band measures between 7 3/4 inches and 9 1/2 inches, again, depending on the style and manufacturer.

How do I know my watch strap size?

The easiest way to check your band size is to check the back of the band for any stampings that would indicate the size (like the sample below). If there is no indication of the size on the back of your old band, then make a measurement between the lugs where the band attaches to the watch (like the sample below).

What kind of watch does Tony Stark wear?

The UR-105 CT Iron is the watch Robert Downey Jr. wears in character as Stark’s Iron Man. If you’ve ever coveted Tony Stark’s life, there’s hope for you yet.

Should I buy a Timex watch?

Timex Watch Reputation

This brand is considered by many as one of the best watches if you’re looking for an anti-investment timepiece; a good quality, affordable everyday watch. One of the brands that is commonly compared to Timex is Casio—both have excellent quality and have price tags that won’t break the bank.

Do Timex watches last?

A Timex might last over a decade if you replace the battery occasionally. A mechanical watch will offer inferior time keeping accuracy but, if maintained, can operate well for centuries. It’s soldered-on and nearly impossible to replace battery will likely run out of charges in far less time than that.

Is Casio better than Timex?

Both brands are known for having top-quality watches that come in a wide range of prices and unique designs. Both Timex and Casio are veterans of the industry with decades upon decades of experience between them. Best Digital Watch – Overall, Casio manages to get the win in this round.

Can you swim with Timex Ironman watch?

Here are the guidelines to help you know which types of exposure your Timex® watch can tolerate: 100 meters: Watch can be used for swimming, snorkeling, and similar activities. 300 meters: Wearer can press buttons of the watch while underwater.

What kind of watch does Jocko Willink wear?

Jocko has relied exclusively on Timex watches for over twenty-five years – on the mountains, in the desert, and under the ocean – on combat deployments, in the backcountry, or at business meetings. He makes every second count with the help of Timex.

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