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How Is Traffic During Chicago Triathlon?

What are the rules for the Chicago Triathlon?

  • After immediately crossing the Chicago River, all International distance athletes will turn left, exiting Lake Shore Drive at the Wacker Drive egress ramp. This down ramp leads cyclists west on Intermediate Wacker Drive. At this point, all cyclists must follow the standard Ride Right, Pass Left protocol for the duration of the race.

How many people participate in the Chicago Triathlon?

More than 9,000 participants, representing 48 states and 24 countries, today competed in the 36th Annual Chicago Triathlon.

Is Lake Shore Drive open during Chicago marathon?

Lake Shore Drive North- and southbound lanes will remain open. Inner Lake Shore Drive North- and southbound lanes will remain open from Diversey Pkwy. to Belmont Ave. Access to Lake Shore Dr. will remain open at Belmont Ave.

Where do you park for the Chicago Triathlon?

Spectators are encouraged to park at the Soldier Field North Garage Lot, located at the north end of Museum Campus Drive (off McFetridge Drive). This location is an easy walk to the Swim Start, Run Course and Finish Line areas. Take advantage of discounted parking with Millennium Garages by purchasing tickets here.

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Do they provide bikes at a triathlon?

Bike. Yes, you will need a bike. No, it does not need to be expensive. We see people do triathlons on their old mountain bikes, hybrids, or other slower bikes — and especially with a couple simple modifications these bikes can do very well.

How can I avoid the Chicago Marathon?

To avoid delays Consider using Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive and the expressways — including the Dan Ryan (I-90/94), Kennedy (I-90/94), Eisenhower (I-290) and the Stevenson (I-55) — instead of local roads.

What time do streets closed for Chicago Marathon?

Parking and Street Closures Street closures along the route will occur between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The roads in Grant Park will be closed longer. City streets will re-open promptly as the final runners pass through (at a 15-minute mile pace).

Is Chicago Marathon flat?

The Chicago Marathon is flat and fast —so fast, in fact, that it has been the host to five world-record times.

What does the Chicago Triathlon consist of?

2021 Chicago Triathlon Race weekend consists of five stand-alone triathlons, including the Life Time Kids Tri Chicago, SuperSprint and the Chicago Triathlon Sprint and International races. The Triple Challenge is our sixth event, consisting of three races unto itself.

Where is the finish line for the Chicago Triathlon?

The finish line is located along Columbus Drive in Chicago’s Grant Park. Enter the Finish Festival from Balbo and Columbus Drive and make your way to the spectator viewing area.

What should you wear for a triathlon?

In a triathlon you want to wear what is called a triathlon suit or a triathlon kit (a top/bottom combo) designed to be worn in the swim, the bike, and finally the run. In other words, you do not take it off! With the exception of the wetsuit (if needed), you need not put on any other piece of clothing.

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