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How Long Is The Chicago Triathlon ? (Solution found)

Race weekend features the International Distance, a . 93 mile swim, a 24.8 mile bike and a 6.2 mile run; the Sprint Distance features a. 47-mile swim, 15-mile bike and 3.1-mile run; and the SuperSprint Distance features a. 23-mile swim, 6.2-mile bike and 1.5-mile run.

  • The Life Time Chicago Triathlon started with those kids jumping into the water by Foster Beach. That portion of the race is expected to take about 15 minutes for the 200 meters before they make their way to a 4-and-a-half mile bike ride and roughly mile and a half run.

What does the Chicago triathlon consist of?

2021 Chicago Triathlon Race weekend consists of five stand-alone triathlons, including the Life Time Kids Tri Chicago, SuperSprint and the Chicago Triathlon Sprint and International races. The Triple Challenge is our sixth event, consisting of three races unto itself.

What is the Chicago triathlon Triple Challenge?

Officially launched in 2007, the Triple Challenge offers a small number of triathletes the opportunity to register and compete in three events in a single weekend — for a total of 59 miles that includes: Swim: 1.63 miles. Bike: 46.3 miles. Run: 10.85 miles.

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How many people compete in Chicago triathlon?

Nearly 9,000 Participate in World’s Largest Multisport Weekend – Chicago Triathlon.

Do they provide bikes at a triathlon?

Bike. Yes, you will need a bike. No, it does not need to be expensive. We see people do triathlons on their old mountain bikes, hybrids, or other slower bikes — and especially with a couple simple modifications these bikes can do very well.

Where is the Chicago triathlon?

August 27 – 28, 2022 For 38 years, triathletes have gathered on the shores of Lake Michigan for one of the largest triathlons in the world. The Chicago Triathlon in an action-packed tour through one of America’s signature metropolises.

What is the average triathlon time?

Also known as a standard distance triathlon, the best athletes in the world would often complete the course in 1 hour and 50 minutes. The average triathlete on the other hand would expect to take around 3 hours. This means the swim takes around 40 minutes and the 40 km bike needs to be completed in 1 hour.

What should you wear for a triathlon?

In a triathlon you want to wear what is called a triathlon suit or a triathlon kit (a top/bottom combo) designed to be worn in the swim, the bike, and finally the run. In other words, you do not take it off! With the exception of the wetsuit (if needed), you need not put on any other piece of clothing.

Where is the Chicago triathlon finish line?

The finish line is located along Columbus Drive in Chicago’s Grant Park.

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What is a 70.3 Ironman distance?

The Half Ironman is the primer for the ultimate race: the Ironman. This distance ( 70.3 miles ) will test both your mental and physical strength as you swim 1.2 miles (1.9K), bike 56 miles (90K), and run 13.1 miles (21.1K).

When was triathlon invented?

Triathlon was invented in the early 1970s by the San Diego Track Club as an alternative workout to the rigours of track training. The club’s first event consisted of a 10km run, an 8km cycle and a 500m swim. Over the next decade, triathlon’s popularity continued to build, and it soon gained worldwide recognition.

What do you mean by triathlon?

Definition of triathlon: an athletic contest that is a long-distance race consisting of three phases (such as swimming, bicycling, and running)

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