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How Much Drop Saddle To Elbow Triathlon? (Perfect answer)

What is the best bike saddle for triathlon in 2019?

  • Top 6 Bike Saddles for Triathlon in 2019 1. ISM Adamo Road – Best Triathlon Saddle (Editor’s Choice) 2. Fizik Mistica Kium – Most Comfortable Triathlon Saddle 3. Selle SMP T5 – Most Dynamic Cover Options in a Triathlon Saddle 4. ISM PN 1.1 – Best Road Bike Saddle 5. Pro Aerofuel – Best Triathlon Saddle for Time Trials and Long Distances

How high should my triathlon bike seat be?

Saddle height is the second piece of the puzzle. This consideration impacts power. Proper saddle height should put your knee angle between 140-150° when at the bottom of your down stroke. If the saddle is too low and the angle too acute, you’ll be spinning and bouncing without producing any power.

Why do triathletes sit so far forward?

So they are more balanced on the bike, where triathletes are kind of front-loaded on the bike—they’re so far forward over the bottom bracket. They’re trying to actually run on the bike rather than pedal like a cyclist does—they get behind the pedal. That creates a different saddle situation too.”

How do you pick a triathlon saddle?

Triathletes, especially long-distance ones, will spend extended periods of time on the aerobars. So a tri-friendly saddle should have a narrow, flat profile due to the rider being in this aggressive forward position, with their weight placed towards the nose.

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How can I improve my TT position?

First and most obviously: ride your TT bike more often. Try doing one hard ride and one easy ride each week alone on your TT bike, as well as one or two long rides each month. Stick to flat to rolling routes, so that you can stay aero for the majority of the ride.

How do you size a triathlon bike?

To measure a tri bike start from the center of the bottom bracket and measure to the center top of the seat tube. You must also note that some manufacturers measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the center top of the seat tube. So check this with the manufacturer.

Is a tri bike comfortable?

The TT/Tri bike allows a rider to assume a position aboard the bike in an attempt to decrease aerodynamic drag. However, the No. 1 thing that impacts a rider’s ability to increase their SPEED is not aerodynamics. In reality, it is comfort.

Can I use a TT saddle on a road bike?

Generally triathlon specific saddles are designed for a unique rider-saddle interaction. In a road position, you are generally supported by the wider part of the saddle and your ischial tuberosity or “sit bones.” A tri position will instead interact more with the nose of the saddle.

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