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How To Train For Triathlon Over 60? (Solution)

How can I train and race triathlons into my 60s?

  • A: First, well-done on training and racing triathlons into your 60s! You are on the right track by having an off-day each week. A general rule of thumb is that each hard or long training session should be followed by either an active recovery or rest day. For older athletes, an extra easy or recovery/rest day may be required.

Can you do a triathlon at 60?

The Maturity Factor. According to USA Triathlon, the number of triathlon participants aged 60-69 is fully twice that of athletes in their late teens (16-19), and triathletes in their 40s easily outnumber those in their 20s.

How do I train for a senior triathlon?

Principles of Training for Senior Triathletes

  1. More stretching.
  2. Proper strength training.
  3. Leveraging high-intensity interval training.
  4. Getting enough rest.
  5. Staying hydrated.
  6. Nutrition – eating enough of the right food.

How many months do you need to train for a triathlon?

When to begin: In general, if you are aiming to complete your first sprint triathlon, plan for at least 12 weeks of training prior to your event. If you are very healthy, physically fit, and familiar with swimming, biking and running, an 8-week build program could be sufficient.

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What age is senior in triathlon?

What is the scoring system for the Overall Club Championships? Athletes are classified as belonging to one of 4 age groups, U40 (Senior), 40-49 (Veteran), 50-59 (Super Veteran), 60+ (Vintage).

Why do triathletes look so old?

But, as coach Joe Friel says, age is just a number. “The primary reason athletes are ‘old’ is due to their relatively slow rate of recovery following stressful workouts,” says Friel. Understanding your recovery rate, as well as the training sessions and build-up races that really work for you, comes down to experience.

What is a senior triathlon?

Most participants are in their 60s, with the oldest 68 years old, said Ms. Cain, who trains them for the shortest distance, a sprint triathlon, which includes a half-mile (750 meters) swim, 12-mile (20 kilometers) bike ride and 3.1-mile (5 kilometers) run.

Can I do an Ironman at 55?

As athletes age, their bodies change and, consequently, their training needs to evolve. SENIOR (55+) training plans are currently available for IRONMAN Triathlon and IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon races in durations of 10, 14, 18 or 24 weeks before your goal race.

How do you train for a triathlon after 50?

Strength training also becomes more important after age 50. Lifting two or three times per week much of the year and doing a core strength and flexibility routine regularly is a good idea. There’s more need for recovery, and a minimum of two weeks out of every five should be dedicated recovery weeks.

Can I do an Ironman at 50?

Some “Duracell bunnies” keep marching right into their 70s due to a combination of durability, genetics and good luck. These people are capable of doing a sub 11-hour Ironman into their 60s. However, they are in the minority. Finish times are generally about 30 minutes longer for each age group over 50.

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How do Olympians train for triathlon?

There are only 6 scheduled workouts a typical week: 2 swims, 2 rides, and 2 runs. In weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8, a 10-minute transition run is tacked onto the end of Saturday’s bike ride. In weeks 10 and 14, a bike-run brick workout takes the place of Sunday’s run. The Olympic triathlon training plan is 16 weeks in length.

Can you train for a triathlon in 3 months?

A training program designed for first-time or returning triathletes to get ready for a sprint triathlon in three months. Triathlon Magazine Canada is sharing a three month training program to get new (or returning) athletes successfully to their first sprint distance triathlon.

What does elite mean in triathlon?

Elite Males — This “age group” is not an age group at all. Instead, it is for racers who feel they are at the very top of the triathlon game. You probably do not need to worry about this unless you expect to finish in the top 2-3% of all finishers.

What age is Masters in triathlon?

A Masters Open/Advanced athlete is anyone who meets the standards of an Open/Advanced Athlete AND is 40 years of age or older as of December 31 of the current race year. Not all Set Up events offer this category. Please check the individual series/ event pages to see if your event offers this division.

How do you qualify for GB triathlon?

In order to qualify you must be a member of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon and, you must have either a Core or Ultimate membership which includes the race licence. You must also be a British Citizen. Click here to read more about membership.

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