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What I Need To Remotly Control My Triathlon Lutron Shades ? (Best solution)

What Lutron home control solutions can I integrate with my Shades?

  • You can integrate your shades with Lutron home control solutions so you can seamlessly control them in conjunction with your lights—transforming your space for any activity. You can integrate rollers and honeycombs with Caséta, RA2 Select, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks solutions. NEW wood blinds work with Caséta and RA2 Select.

How do you activate Lutron shades?

Grasp the headrail with both hands and tilt it back into the brackets, pressing gently until you hear a click. Hold “Close” button for about 5 seconds, until the shade button blinks and turns off. You have assigned the control to the shade. Note: Repeat to assign more controls.

Are Lutron Serena shades worth it?

Easy setup and robust features makes Serena smart shades a great addition to any smart home. I liked that I could control them not just with Lutron’s app and remote, but with a host of other smart-home systems, too. Lutron Serena shades look and work great; it’s just a shame that they’re so expensive.

How do I set up my Lutron Pico remote?

Press and hold the “Off” button on the dimmer/switch you wish to pair the Pico remote to for 6 seconds until the green indicator lights on the unit begin to flash, then release. This will place the device in pairing mode.

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How do you manually open Lutron shades?

Step 1: Tap the shade button quickly 3 times, and hold the shade button after the third tap until the shade button LED blinks green rapidly. Step 2: Immediately tap the shade button quickly three more times, until the shade button LED blinks green rapidly, then blinks red/green three times, and turns off.

What type of wire is used for Lutron shades?

Lutron has a spec for cable. Basically it is (2) 18 gauge (larger for long runs) and (2) 22 gauge for communication. The smaller the cable the better. It gets crowded inside the shade.

How do you set limits on Lutron QS shades?

Press and hold either arrow button to move the Window trea- ment to desired Open Limit. Press and hold the Open Limit button until the Green LED flashes. Open Limit is stored. Tap the Close Limit button.

Is Hunter Douglas compatible with Lutron?

All Hunter Douglas blinds and shades can be controlled through a Lutron Home Automation System. The complete line of motorized window fashions from Hunter Douglas is available for control with both hardwired and wireless RS232 and RS485 communication.

How long do Lutron shade batteries last?

Battery life can vary 2 to 5 years depending on shade size and fabric selection. utilizes standard alkaline batteries, which are known for having a very long shelf-life (up to 7 years).

Are Lutron shades expensive?

Lutron’s Serena shades are expensive, typically running between $400-$1000 per shade, plus the $150 for the Smart Bridge. However, these shades are more effective and capable than other smart shading options, even considering the price.

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