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What Is A Time Trial Triathlon Bike? (Solved)

A time trial bike (also called a TT bike) is an aerodynamic bicycle made for racing against the clock, often on a straight, flat course.

What is the difference between a time trial and triathlon bike?

By design, triathlon bikes are made to go the distance. In contrast, time trial riders get off the bike completely spent. Their bikes are designed for only one thing—speed. As such, triathlon bikes favor a more relaxed position and a lighter frame than time trial bikes.

Can you use a time trial bike for a triathlon?

Provided a TT bike can attain the steep, saddle-forward seat angle – usually via a reversible seatpost or multi-position seat clamp – it’s a great option for triathlon, helping you to run strong off the bike.

Why do triathletes ride time trial bikes?

Triathlon’s are stand-out challenge’s that require proper training and sharp focus. Triathlon’s also require the proper bike to ride. From the geometry of the frame and its efficient aerodynamics, to the angles of the seat tube and aerodynamics, riding a triathlon bike will enhance your triathlon results.

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What is time trial triathlon?

Time trial bikes and triathlon bikes are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, in a bid to minimise drag and make you as fast as possible. Being an event where rider and machine alone are pitted against the clock, cyclists have always looked to maximise aerodynamics in order to go as fast as possible.

Do triathletes Pee on the bike?

On to the matter at hand – yes, some triathletes do, in fact, pee on their bikes. If it’s not obvious, triathletes pee while riding their bike so they don’t have to stop – saving precious time for competitive races.

Why do tri bikes look different?

It’s the frame geometry that makes a triathlon bike different to a road bike as the aim is to get your upper body lower and further forwards. Manufacturers give tri bikes a steeper seat angle (angle between seat tube and an imaginary straight line where the top tube meets the seat tube) than a road bike.

Are TT bikes UCI legal?

This is because the market for triathlon bikes is much larger than just pure uci legal TT bikes, and triathlon bikes do not have to be UCI legal (except if you race ITU, but thats a different story.) Other manufacturers have chosen to build a bike that can be modified to be UCI legal and non-legal as necessary.

How much faster is tri bike?

there have been many tests in the wind tunnel and these tests often show in an Ironman event that a TT or Triathlon bike can be up to 3kph quicker, while this is a general figure you may find this slightly more or less depending on your position, wheel choice and average speed.

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Are TT bikes road legal?

You can’t use it in road or crit races and they’re frowned on in Sportives.

What’s the difference between a time trial bike and a road bike?

A time trial bicycle is a racing bicycle designed for use in an individual race against the clock. Compared to a road bike, a time trial bike is more aerodynamic, has a shorter wheelbase, and puts the rider closer to the front of the bicycle. It may have either solid disc or spoked wheels.

Why are time trial bikes not allowed?

Triathlon events and Time Trials are competed against the clock in which drafting other riders is forbidden. Aerobars allow an individual to maintain an aerodynamic position.

What’s the difference between a tri bike and a road bike?

How They’re Different. The most notable difference is the design, or geometry of the frame of each bike. Triathlon bikes have a steeper angle of the seat. Seats on a road bike are positioned at, on average, 78 degrees while the angle on a triathlon bike is closer to 72 degrees.

Is a time trial bike worth it?

When comparing the average and normalised power of both athletes we can definitively say we have an answer to our question – forgoing a severe lack of bike skills or huge gusting winds, yes it is worth riding a TT bike in a non-draft race and although we at JT Multisport specialise in finding every free watt possible

What is the best time trial bike?

Best time trial bikes

  • Cervelo P-Series Disc. The latest in the of the iconic P time trial bikes.
  • Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2. The best value for money upgrade-ready platform.
  • Vitus Auro CRS TT.
  • Specialized S-Works Shiv TT.
  • Trek Speed Concept.
  • Ribble Ultra TT.
  • Scott Plasma 10.
  • BMC TimeMachine 02 Two.
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Are TT bikes faster than road bikes?

The BikeRadar website claims the advantage a TT bike gives you is 60-70 watts at 40 km/h, that is, it takes 270-280 watts to ride a road bike at that speed and 220 watts to ride a TT bike. Translated into seconds, a TT bike gives you 9 seconds per kilometre advantage. This is six minutes in a 40 km time trial.

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